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Design Process
The Design and Creative process takes time, lots of time.

Gowns may require 50-150 hours to complete, some taking considerably more time depending on design, detail, materials and embellishment.

Creating my Heirloom Masterpieces require the special training and skill which I have acquired and honed over 22 years.

The Heirloom Christening and Dedication Gowns and Ensembles which I create will not be found in stores anywhere. They are unique and made of the finest materials.

As we discuss your choices, you have the opportunity to be as much a part of the design process as you wish. You may have the Heirloom Christening or Dedication Gown, Romper or Slip, personalized.

Heirloom Christening and Dedication Gown prices start at $600.00 with the more elaborate gowns costing much more. Slips and Bonnets are additional costs.

Your gorgeous Heirloom Christening or Dedication Gown will pay for itself over time as it is shared and used by generations yet to come.

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