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What is Heirloom Sewing?
Heirloom Sewing is the art of creating exquisite garments for very special people. It expresses our love and devotion to our children in a very special way. These gorgeous Heirloom garments create wonderful memories to pass on to future generations. Heirloom Sewing became known in the 1800’s and is associated with the hand work done by the nuns in the convents in France, hence the original name, “French Hand-sewing.” At that time it was mostly done for royalty, the church and the very wealthy. Many of the Heirloom garments and Heirloom items that I am licensed to teach and many that I re-create, are designed from the elegant Victorian clothing which was so very popular around 1900.

Today our fabulous computerized sewing machines and sergers reproduce the beautiful look, not only faster and easier, but also with more durable results. Heirloom Sewing uses only the finest of fabrics, laces and threads. Techniques include tucks, embroidery, puffing (fabric manipulation), pin-stitching, Madeira appliqué and lace shaping to name a few.

The availability of instruction along with the ease of using today’s sewing machines and products, has allowed many of us to return to our love of sewing and to once again experience the joy of creating these wonderful gifts of love.

Heirloom Garments and Heirloom Gifts will be treasures to be cherished and shared with future generations.

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